Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips-talk

These new lovely lipsticks caught my attention. Love the packaging, it's so princessy!! ^^.
I bought the colors
                               BE 101 - beige pink,
                               OR 203 - light orange,
                               PK 004 - fuchsia
                               RD 304 - Coral

The BE 101, PK004 and RD 304 are hot colors according to the picture below. These 3 colors are opaque. However the OR 203 is very sheer, feels like a tinted lipbalm. These lipsticks are creamy and moisturising.
Each lipstick costs 8,500 won

 Date of manufacture

BE 101, OR 203, PK 004, RD 304
PK 004, RD 304, BE 101, OR 203


  1. thanks for the swatch..it looks like the color is different from the lipstick..i have to be careful then

    1. my lips are pigmented try swatching them first in the store, they have a wide color selection in this collection.. ;)

  2. Thank you so much for posting these swatches! Your photos were very helpful because I was debating between a few of the colors :)

  3. always my pleasure!!! ^^ what lipstick did you end up getting?

  4. Great review! I think these lipsticks are super cute and I am willing to try them on. I follow your blog!